TheLegalNet is proud of its reputation for Making Business Happen™ !

Our network of Legal Counsel Worldwide and TheLegalNet Cocktail Party are just two of the ways that we have made business happen for our members and friends since 2001.

Through TheLegalNet Cocktail Party, we provide an opportunity for you to get to know prospective customers, suppliers, business partners and sources of business referrals. We invite entrepreneurs, executives, directors, bankers, investors, accountants, business lawyers and others to come out and introduce each other to their friends and business contacts in a social setting.

Mixing business with pleasure can influence the bottom line of any business. Why? In the words of Collete Phillips as quoted by Diane Lewis in the Toronto Star:"Because people do business with people they know and socialize with. They're much more likely to feel at ease with someone they've broken bread with, had a drink with, or talked to at a party than a complete stranger".

At TheLegalNet, we believe that the ability to build networks and friendships is a form of capital that can boost a firm's bottom line, especially if the schmoozing occurs after hours. Attendance at our events is about 150 people and the events are held in popular Toronto restaurants as well as in Montreal restaurants where you can enjoy the ambiance, the food and each other's company....

And speaking of company, why not start your own company? We can help in many ways:

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